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Conditions applying to material submitted to ALFIL

 1.) All philatelic material can be submitted to the auctions provided that the call price exceeds CZK 100 per item. Material acceptance is subject to Mail-Bid (by telephone, personal) approval of the list submitted by you (including all photocopies if necessary). ALFIL reserve the right to reject or withdraw any submitted item. 2.) The owner shall receive a Mail-Bid certificate for any item submitted to any ALFIL auction. 3.) A commission of 10% will be deducted from the final sale price. The commission rate shall range as agreed depending on the quantity of items submitted and effectiveness of sale.              4.) A handling charge of CZK 10 payable at the time of settling the final bill shall apply to any unsold item. If the total value of sold goods fails to exceed CZK 1,000, a handling charge of CZK 50 shall apply. 5.) The final bill shall be settled within two months of the bid acceptance deadline. Subject to agreement and depending on the type of material, a cash advance of up to 80% can be provided if the total value of sold material exceeds CZK 5,000.


Further Details

             Please pay increased attention to the quality issue when making your choice. Even the subtlest defects will have to be accounted for in the catalogue, thus making it probable that the item involved will remain unsold. This also applies to the issue of genuineness. A genuineness test may be performed on request, with the owner bearing the costs that arise, and/or the owner may be required to apply for an authenticity certificate (this only applies to SR, R and Poland materials). Mundane, overcharged and non-quality material will not be allowed to be submitted to the auction. Should you have any more inquiries, use the phone number: 558 711871, or ask for further information relating to the material deliveries to be sent to you by mail. The actual sale is divided into two stages. The first "auction" stage is governed by regular rules with the customer purchasing the material for the final price + 10% auction commission. At the other "sale" stage, the goods are sold for the call prices, which already represent the final price. No commissions are added to the amount and the customers are left to obtain the material at lower prices and are given more time to make the decisions and split their investment, respectively. For these reasons, we do not offer money payment within four days, but rather suggest reselling the unsold items with no price reductions at the ALFIL shop and on-line on the website within six weeks of the auction. In our experience, 10% to 20% of items can be sold in this way. The auctions take place four times a year, the deadlines for material submissions are generally six weeks before the auction. Thus your material is not "left lying" in the auctioneer's premises for a substantial period of time, and is available as soon as within three and a half months. Lasting overaverage prices have been achieved for stamps and SR, R, Poland, General Government full covers, full covers dating back to the period of the Polish annexation of Czechoslovakia (1938-39), materials coming from the Tšín Silesia territory, classical European stamps and thematical stamps - Judaic, birds, etc. Generally, catalogues are issued approximately 14 days before the Mail-Bid order deadline, they are in Czech with supportive translations in three other languages: Polish, German and English (almost full translations). Catalogues including colour pictures are also available on website.  The delivery bills are settled  within two months of the auction – a lengthy period of time, perhaps – with the intention of boosting the additional sale of submitted items (a sale increment of 10 to 20% is usually achieved), which is aided in the following ways:  - additional sale at call prices – within seven days of the auction termination- additional sale at reduced call prices (the reduction is deducted from the commission, the original call prices are respected)- additional sale on our website 

The long-term sale performance figure is 60% sold before the auction comes to its end and a further 10 to 20% sold in the course of the additional sale, which constitutes a final total performance figure of up to 80%.

ALFIL Havlkova 12, esk Tn, 737 01, Czech Republic, tel./fax +420 / 558 711 871, e-mail: