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It is very simple to participate in the auction:

1.] Find an item in the catalogue
Items are sorted according to categories according to states into individual items, collections, postcards, and other fields.

Tip: You can search by description; it works like Fulltext (Google, Yahoo...)

2.] Quote:
It works the same way as buying in online stores – the item is added to the basket; the only difference is that the price you are willing to bid is filled in.

Tip: "Eternal" question – how much to bid???
As much as you want to pay up. Neither more nor less.
Only after the results are published you will find out whether the bidding was successful. After that it is too late to increase or decrease the offered price. If achieved price is lower – it is "win", I will pay less than I have expected. However, on the contrary, if the price is higher – the bitterness of “losing” might appear here, but not from your own mistake: Why did not I bid more? Because it would have been too expensive and I would not be happy about it.

3.] Place a bid
Items we bid (they are in a basket) need to be placed. After clicking on “Place a bid” button a box to fill in personal data and delivery possibilities will appear. After another clicking the command is sent and in a while a confirmation e-mail will be delivered to the e-mail address entered when the data were filled in.

Tip: The bid can also be placed by post, fax or e-mail; for registered customers even by a phone call. For room auctions, of course, personally.

4.] Waiting for Results
Each auction has its deadline for bidding – until this time
written bids are accepted. Soon, usually within 1-2 hours, the results are published – on a Score sheet. From that, it is clear for how much the individual items were auctioned and
which ones can additionally be purchased. Almost simultaneously you will receive an e-mail with a list of items
you have acquired; there is also quantification of how much you should pay and payment possibilities. In case of "cash on delivery" you will pay when it is delivered.

5.] Clearance sale
Since the publication of the results it is possible to order not auctioned items that might be added to auctioned items and save postage. In clearance sale you can buy at fixed prices (= starting price) which are not increased.

What is "bid" auction:
the highest bid = price achieved, i.e. pay as much as you bid (but only if your bid is the highest). To achieved price a standard commission is charged. Other conditions are similar to written auctions.
The auction format is used when offering goods for sale or goods of the same kind. It allows the Auction organizer to offer to suppliers the terms that are not possible with
"Classic" auctions.

Invoices sent by e-mail:
- Attachment cannot be opened - some e-mail client setting (e.g. Outlook, Outlook Express, etc.) prevents the display of attachments that can potentially contain a virus. In case of our distributed e-mail attachments they are all in .html format.
To display an attachment simply temporarily tick off the box "Do not store or open attachments that could contain a virus" in the menu Tools / Options / Security tab.
- The invoice with a zero price to pay - if you receive such a message it means that your bid was beaten by higher ones, so in this auction you have not received anything.

Sending a offer:
Items you are interested in can be continuously inserted into the command as follows: when editing item details and after filling the price offered, click on OFFER TO COMMAND button. Bids will be arranged in the right part of the screen under YOUR COMMANDS. Individual items can be removed by clicking on the button with the cross at
individual items. After the viewing, click on SEND COMMAND and a new tab Form of a written statement will appear. Complete it following the instructions and click on the Send button. Usually within 20 seconds you will receive automatically
generated confirmation e-mail with the completed data. If you do not receive this e-mail within one hour, please contact us immediately so we can clear the possible reason out in time.

Complaints about collections:
Please note that it is not possible to claim the collections and mass items. The quality and the total price of materials are not examined in details. Totals of prices in categories are generally provided by the supplier of items – totals are not typically checked;
however, the status of "critical" items are checked. Only after that the totals are edited by the differences found. In case that the real sum of the prices differs from reality by more than 20%, then the totals are rather not mentioned. In case that the sum of individual prices is listed - for example, "valued as a selection" - the accuracy of estimation or the reality of prices is not studied. If in the description certain items are listed such as according to number categories, then these are inspected by us and their quality correspond to the given description. In our website we usually list 3-7 images - this is a selection of the most interesting pages of the item. If there is a link to an online album, then all pages are listed. When requested on the phone we describe the collections in details. In case of doubts, please contact us.

We charge a fee of 50 CZK per catalogue:
In case you participate in the auction = send the completed command, the next auction catalogue will be sent automatically. If you do not send the command and you are interested in the next auction catalogue, please send a fee of CZK 50 (using bank transfer, cash, in stamps, etc.).

The amount of the command must match the scale:

When completing the command please make sure that the bid matches the scale!
Excerpt from General auction terms ... Increasing the bid is determined by the scale
up to 100 CZK ............. 10 CZK up to 5000 CZK .............. 100 CZK
up to 500 CZK ............. 20 CZK up to 10,000 CZK ............ 200 CZK
up to 1000 CZK ........... 50 CZK over 10,000 CZK ........... 500 CZK
If the bid amount does not match the scale, it will be rounded to lower the closest possible ...
This means that if the bid is e.g. 99; 450; 680; 1,020; 20,100 CZK, for the purposes of the auction they will be automatically adjusted to the nearest possible downward, i.e.: 90; 440; 650; 1,000; 20,000 respectively.

Are there any extra fees? To the prices achieved we charge:
1.) 10% commission (in case of privileged clearance sale after the auction 0% - it starts a week after the commands are stopped)
2.) CZK 10 per each item
3.) lump sum for postage and packing of CZK 50 (the same for the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia) – only if sent by post. In case taking delivery in person this fee is not charged.

Scans on request:
On request we can send pictures of back sides of the items, free of charge.
We usually arrange it within 24 hours.

Search for individual items is possible according to the item number or according to a description - if you want to find an item using the number in the auction catalogue, enter the give number into the "by the lot number" and click on OK button – the searched item only appears. If you are looking for items such as censored ones type in the whole expression or its part to be searched in the box "according to a lot description" – e.g. "censor","cens" - all items containing these letters in their description will appear.

Stamp gumm:
In response to the increase number of stamps with repaired gummes - in the case of finding a repaired gumm (especially after the label) the stamp will be listed in the category stamps labelled (hinged) "*" (which, however, is not typical for auctions of other companies). They are often very successful repairs that are recognizable only under certain conditions and after obtaining some experience. We focus on this issue and in the future we would like to provide 100% guarantee on the originality of lime.

Postcard description:
Place name is given in its original form, as shown in a postcard, therefore some places needed to be searched under various letters – e.g. Bohumín: under the letter B (Bohumin) and under the letter O (Oderberg), etc.

ALFIL Havlkova 12, esk Tn, 737 01, Czech Republic, tel./fax +420 / 558 711 871, e-mail: alfil@silesnet.cz